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Synchronous Technology Series (MCAD)

Deelip Menezes has a 5-part series up giving a short (but very useful) hands-on tour of Siemens’ Synchronous Technology. It’s certainly not comprehensive, but it gave me a better idea of what it (ST) really is, instead of the marketing buzz.

Originally, I was quite skeptical. Basically, Synchronous Technology is adding direct editing (like SpaceClaim) to Siemens’ Mechanical CAD programs (SolidEdge, NX) but keeping some parametric-driven (“design intent”) goodness. I’m less skeptical after reading Deelip’s series – at a minimum, it does seem like a very good user interface. But I still wonder what an expert Pro/E user would think. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or knowledge to really evaluate it.


July 14, 2008   No Comments