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  1. Unless otherwise stated in the file or directory, all files are covered by my Software or PCB license (basically a reworded Lua license)
  2. For older files, please use the svn repository.
  3. In the future, I may change this page to only include ZIP files for each project; then you would have to use the svn repository to download individual files.

Eagle PCB Files

Component Library

User Language Programs (ulp)

Tutorial Files

FP-SMC-1 Panasonic FP0/FP-Sigma PLC to SMC IDC Pneumatic Manifold

CO-DB9-RJ45-2 CANOpen Adapter,  DB9 to dual RJ45 connectors

CO-HDR-RJ45 CANOpen Adapter, 5-pin terminal block header to dual RJ45

CO-M12-RJ45 CANOpen Adapter, M12 to dual RJ45 connectors

CO-TB-RJ45 CANOpen Adapter, 5-pin terminal block to dual RJ45

CO-RJ45-PWR CANOpen RJ45 PCB with power input and signal breakout