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Blog Notes: Slow Progress, Trac, and Svn

My blog improvement project is still going, just very slowly.  I have done more research on trac, Redmine, gitlab, and such, and after some thought I’ve decided to do the following:

  • Migrate my trac site to Redmine.
  • Create an account at gitlab and move my svn projects to gitlab.
  • I will also update my WordPress installation, including fixing issues such as extra characters all over the place on old posts.

Some notes on these choices:

  • I’m using Redmine to replace trac because it seems to have better import abilities, and is much easier to install on Webfaction (my hosting provider) than gitlab.  Also, gitlab can use a lot of resources.  Redmine also looks like a better match for my wiki style.
  • I want to move from subversion to a distributed version control system.  Although there are advantages to systems such as mercurial, git has by far the largest mind-share and support.
  • I like the fact that gitlab supports both hosted (for here) and local (for work) servers, unlike alternatives such as github.
  • Howerver, projects on github seem to be more visible and more easily found.
  • Finally, if I run into some big road-blocks, I might change my mind.


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