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Blog Notes: Why look at trac alternatives?

I’ve been using trac for about a decade, and overall it’s worked well.  But I have found some annoyances over the years, such as:

  1. I have found it difficult to install, often requiring some searching for answers.
  2. I have found that upgrading to a new version can be an exciting adventure (but not an easy one).
  3. I have found migrating a trac installation to a new server to be difficult.
  4. I feel that trac development has been slow, and the trac interface has not kept up with recent advances in web interfaces.

Since my current trac installation isn’t perfect on 64-bit Linux, I will have to upgrade trac yet again or switch to something else.

If I switch to something else, it will be similar project management software with a wiki and such, because I will switch both here and at work.  Another requirement is that I need to be able to easily migrate my trac wiki to a new system, which also rules out most wikis.

I have been investigating Redmine and Gitlab.  Redmine is the most likely choice, but I need to do some more research and actually play a bit with both.  Another similar, highly regarded, project is Phabricator, but it doesn’t appear to have good support for importing trac projects yet.


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