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Blog Notes: Purpose of Trac Wiki Server

Since I already have this main WordPress site, why do I have a trac site too?  It’s because I’ve found that trac works better for some of the things I like to do.

Let’s take a look at where some of my content fits best:

  • Typical blog posts, which describe what I am doing (like this one).  These are a perfect fit for WordPress.
  • A series of related blog posts.  I could do this on trac (by continually updating the wiki), but WordPress feels like a better fit.
  • Directories, such as my piezo motor page or my MCAD software page.  I’ve tried both WordPress pages and trac wiki pages; over time, I’ve decided I prefer these topics on trac.
  • Reference information on topics such as my motors and my cabling standards.  These fit trac best, with its easy hyperlinking and table support.
  • Repository viewing – only trac does this well, although I haven’t made much use of it (yet….)
  • Bug tracking / project management – I haven’t used this yet, but this is where trac shines.

Why use trac instead of a dedicated wiki?  Well, I originally picked trac for use at work, and since I knew it, it made sense to use it here.  Also, I wasn’t expecting to use the wiki as much as I have.


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