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Posts from — October 2016

Summer is over, and so is my blogging vacation

For a variety of reasons, I’ve taken a break from blogging over the summer.  Now that it’s fall, it’s time to get back.

My plan is to concentrate first on improving the site a bit, including posting updates on my progress, along with some normal posts.  For example, I need to look at the theme which hasn’t changed in a long time, I might switch to a secure website (https) now that’s more affordable, and I’ll probably replace subversion with git (possibly hosted somewhere else such as gitlab).

I’ll also try to get back to regularly posting notes and micro-reviews on Instagram (mostly stationery related, but some automation tools, too).

But my first priority is to update my wiki, most likely moving from trac to Redmine.  I feel that trac made a lot of sense which I choose it eons ago, but it’s development has been glacial and I’ve found it’s hard to update or move.

I will do my best to provide weekly updates on my progress in modernizing Factory Software Blog.

October 6, 2016   No Comments