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Posts from — June 2016

Factory Software Blog Is Back!

My apologies for the down time – I did a transition from 32-bit to 64-bit hosting, which screwed up WordPress.  I should’ve been better prepared, but I’ve never had an issue with WordPress before, so given my inexperience in WordPress maintenance plus my normal lack of time, it’s taken a while and some learning to get things back.

I’m still not sure everything is perfect on this site, plus it could use some more updates, so my plan is to check over everything and make some more improvements before getting back to regular (or semi-regular) new blog posts.  Update yes, I have some work to do — none of the links to older blog posts work.  I’ll try to fix this within a day or two.

Also, the trac site has some issues with browsing the subversion repository, and needs some updates.

6/27/2016 – links to older blog posts now work.  There are still some issues to fix, such as extra characters.

June 21, 2016   No Comments