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Posts from — October 2015

KickStarter Pens

KickStarter pens don’t get me excited.  Well, that’s not quite fair, since I like do the Tactile Turn pens by Will Hodges, but everything else I’ve seen have left me uninterested.  I’m not saying there aren’t many good pens on KickStarter (and the other sites), but when I start paying more than $2 for a pen, I want a pen that really attracts me – and a higher price tag means the pen has to be that much more special to me.

So far I have a blue Mover (mentioned here), and am backing the Gist fountain pen.  What’s so special about these pens for me

  1. Will’s aesthetics really match mine.  I love the proportions on the Mover and the Gist.  I like their spiraling grip.  I like the clips.    They’re classy, and simple but not boring.  I don’t care for the appearances of pens with big bolts or nuts, for pens that are inspired by airplanes, for cylinders pens with sudden discontinuities, for the Pilot Vanishing Point, or the Lamy 2000 (somehow the Lamy 2000 looks all wrong but the Gist looks all right to me).
  2. Will puts in practical features.  Both pens feature his spiral grip.  The Mover has a nice Schmidt knock so it’s a classy retractable.  The Gist has acme threads for the cap – and the cap posts.  The Gist is customizable, with interchangeable nibs and grips.
  3. Tactile Turns are made with fun materials, such as anodized aluminum (Mover), brass, copper, titanium , zirconium (Gist) and Damascus steel (Gist).
  4. Will does his own work – and his work is good, which makes his pens extra-special for me (side note: we have a machine shop at work, and I love being seeing what comes out of there – machined metal is cool!) compared to buying a “designer” pen, where the designers are featured, but the pens are made by who knows…or buying a normal, non-hand-crafted pen.
  5. Will delivers on time and his prices are reasonable for what you get.

So, yes, I do highly recommend checking out the Tactile Turn Gist Kickstarter page – it has about a week to go (ends 11/5/2015), and prices will be substantially higher afterwards.  I’m sure these pens doesn’t appeal to everyone, but take a look, and if you like the Gist, now is the best time to get one.

Note 11/5/2015: the Gist had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, ending up with $129,796 from 997 backers.  I will talk more about the Gist when I get mine in January 2016.

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