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Posts from — June 2015

Free Programming e-Books from Packt

Packt Publishing is currently running a free e-books offer, with each book available for one day.  So if you’re a developer or thinking about becoming one, it’s worth checking out every day until they discontinue it.  (Last year, they did the same thing, but ran it for a much shorter period of time).

I’m pretty sure that the free offers will not include their latest or best selling titles – duh! – but it’s still a very good offer.  Packt does tend to concentrate on open source and open standards.

Packt does not offer books for hard-core industrial automation programmers (for example, no PLC books), but some of the books that were already offered for free could be useful for factory software projects that use mobiles (June 17, Creating Dynamic UI with Android Fragments), web standards (June 22, HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook), databases (June 18, Raven DB2.x Beginner’s Guide), or development tools (June 19, Learning Gerrit Code Review).

Thanks to Packt, I’ve discovered some potentially useful projects (such as Learning Gerrit Code Review)  and have been able to snag free books on topics I’ve been interested in but haven’t used yet (such as Instant R Starter).  I’ve also bought some books from Packt, such as Learning BeagleBone.

June 22, 2015   1 Comment