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Ixxat USB to CAN Compact V2 Cable Problems

We’ve used the original Ixxat USB to CAN compact interfaces for years without any problems.  The Ixxat is inside the machine, with its USB cable (a type A male) attached to a L-Com panel mount USB adapter (type A female to type B female), which is then connected to the external computer using a standard A to B USB cable.

Since the original USB to CAN compact is no longer available, we have switched to its replacement, the Ixxat USB to CAN compact V2  — only to discover the V2 wouldn’t work!

After extensive trouble shooting, we found that the V2’s worked fine when directly plugged into a PC, but most of the time did not work when inside the machine.

There might be other solutions, but the one we found was to add an USB active extension cable inside the machine between the USB panel mount adapter and the V2.

The V2 is quite similar to the original, but supports USB 2.0 high speed communications.  It also requires a very recent device driver.


1 Jon { 03.15.15 at 12:32 pm }

Hi Tony! Glad to see you using the IXXAT USB-to-CAN V2 interface in your machine. Not sure what the issue was when using the L-Com usb adapter. Did you inquire with our technical support group? We want to make sure the device works for you in your application. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss more about what you are working on and if we can do anything to support you.


2 Tony { 03.16.15 at 4:49 pm }

Hi Jon,
This time we didn’t contact support, because we needed to ship ASAP, and found a solution that works fine for us. Here are some further notes:
— The V2 manual does not recommend using an extension cable, and notes that the V2 has a high power requirement.
— However, we were able to use the V2 on a short extension cable (V2->extension cable->PC, no L-Com adapter)
— Using a heavier USB cable (with 20AWG power wires; our standard cable had smaller wires) with the L-Com adapter did not help
— Using a powered hub (specifically, a Bokcore USB3.0 powered hub, since that’s what I had) instead of the active extender also solved the problem, but was not as good a solution for us
— We successfully used 2 different active extender cables
— The L-Com adapter we’re using is not specifically rated for USB 2.0. L-Com does have one that is rated for USB 2.0 (ECF504-BA), but it is currently out of stock.

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