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One Reason I Love Automation

Parker Bayside R100D

Parker Bayside R100D

One reason I love automation is that I get to play with cool stuff like this Parker Bayside rotary stage.  It’s a jewel; besides have cool specifications, it just feels so good in my hands – and looks beautiful.  The LED angle display is another groovy touch.

There’s a little history behind this purchase.  Many years ago, I got to evaluate its big brother, the R200D, at work, and fell in love.  Unfortunately, the R200D didn’t work out for that application, but when I saw this R100D at a semi-reasonable price (and much cheaper than new, which would around $4,000), I couldn’t resist.

It’s a direct-drive rotary stage, so there are no gears, just a big brushless servo motor, bearings, and a super high resolution encoder.  One down side of the direct drive is that the rotary table can spin when there’s no power, which can be a problem.

For initial testing, I connected it to a Copley Accelnet ACP-055-18 with a Logosol LS1148 power supply, and used Copley’s automatically generated parameters.  That doesn’t seem like the ideal combination; either I need a different drive with a higher voltage power supply, or I need to do some serious tuning.

Another reason I love having this stage is that it’s so different from all the other motors I own.  For example, it has 12 poles (all my other motors have 4 or 6 poles), and an inductance of 50 mH.

Blog Notes

Since many of my posts take quite a bit of work to create (especially the series posts, such as the Robot Primer), I am going to try to reduce the size of each post so I can provide more frequent content updates.


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