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Posts from — July 2014

Electrical Schematic Software For Automation

My Trac page on electrical schematic software for automation is finally in a usable state.  It’s a list of the programs I found when researching a replacement for Via Wiring Diagram, and I hope it’s useful.

For more information, you can do a web search based on the product names and get opinions (especially at places such as  Before I would spend the kind of money typically required, I would get a trial version and create a sample schematic.

July 23, 2014   1 Comment

Free 2D Mechanical CAD Software

I now have a Trac page to keep track of the interesting 2D mechanical CAD software I have come across.

There are at least three impressive and free AutoCAD clones available; I’ve tried all three a bit, mainly for viewing DWG files, playing with PCB outlines, and modifying electrical schematics (for creating electrical schematics, I highly recommend using a dedicated program, unless most of your schematics have moved into PCB schematics).

Unlike in the 3d MCAD world, I believe there are some impressive open source 2D MCAD programs, but I haven’t found time to research them…yet.

July 14, 2014   No Comments

DDoS Downtime

Unfortunately, this blog was collateral damage from a large scale DDoS attack the last few days (that attacked a whole subnet of addresses, including this blog’s host).  It took a few days for my hosting service to restore service, and even then there have been occasional problems.

If you’re interested in more details, please see this blog post.

July 14, 2014   No Comments

Affordable 3D Mechanical CAD Directory

I’ve just created a Trac page with my directory of free, affordable, and semi-affordable 3D MCAD programs.

I’ve been wanting to create some directories for a while, so I can have a central place for information, instead of having it spread out among various blog posts.  In the past, I’ve used WordPress pages (for Piezo Motors and Industrial Robot Resources), but I’ve decided I like using Trac better, so I will be creating my new directories on my Trac site.

As I come across new or updated information, I will update these directories.  I use them myself, and I hope they are useful to others, too.

July 2, 2014   No Comments