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A Behemoth Book To Reivew

PLC Book

I just received my copy of Programmable Logic Controllers: An Emphasis On Design And Application.  When I saw a used First Edition on Amazon for $50, I snapped it up.  (I looked at the differences between the First and Second Editions, and decided that the Second Edition didn’t add anything I needed).

I am planning on writing a review, but it’ll be a while since the book has 1461 pages — but that means on a per page basis, it’s much cheaper than Cascading Logic!  (And, yes, I still do recommend Cascading Logic, but it is overpriced.)

Two PLC Books

Two PLC Books

PLCs: An Emphasis… Cascading Logic
List Price $85.00 $89.00
Type Hardcover Softcover
Pages 1504 206
Weight (oz) 80 14.5
Price Per Page $0.056 $0.432
Price Per Oz $1.06 $6.14


1 DibblyBob { 06.23.14 at 6:16 am }

That’s a silly comparison, no? Value of books isn’t measured in page count and (gosh!) ounces.

2 Tony { 06.23.14 at 8:15 am }

Maybe, but I can have some fun, and the point I make is true: there’s no doubt that PLCs by Erickson is priced within reason (if you buy it direct), and Cascading Logic is way over-priced. Since I haven’t found any alternatives to Cascading Logic, I still recommend it, but I’ve bought many mainstream programming books that were much better and much less expensive.

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