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Bloglist Changes and Other Notes

I’ve made a few changes to my blog list:

  • I’ve removed Deelip’s blog since he’s been updating infrequently.
  • Although Gary Mintchell’s Feedforward blog is no longer being updated, I’m leaving it for now, partly because of its automation blog list.  I plan on removing it on my next blog list update.
  • I’m also keeping Evolving Excellence for now, even though updates are infrequent, because of the many good interesting posts in the past.
  • I’ve added Bill Waddell’s new home, The Manufacturing Leadership Center.  Bill was previously on Evolving Excellence.
  • I’ve added Gary Mintchell’s new site, The Manufacturing Connection.
  • I’ve added links to my two companion sites (for trac and subversion) so they’re easily to find.  The trac site is kind of a notepad for me, but it does have a lot of useful information.
  • I’m adding a special mention here to Walter Russel Mead’s Via Media blog.  Since I avoid politics almost all the time here because I think too much is already politicized, I’m not adding it to my blog roll, but Via Media is a thought-provoking non-partisan blog that’s well worth reading.

Sometime (hopefully next year) I’ll look at updating the theme, but right now I want to concentrate on getting more content written.  I hope to have my next Robot Primer post up within a week, and have too many other post ideas.


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