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What Happened To Ergonomics?

I can remember back in the 1990’s when ergonomics was a big deal.  Companies were pushing ergonomic chairs, ergonomic monitors (adjustable, etc), ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, ergonomic mice alternatives (such as trackballs) and so on.

You can still find ergonomic equipment, but it’s definitely not “hot”, and a lot of it (like Kensington and Logitech trackballs) looks like it hasn’t been updated from the 1990’s…

I think it’s the smart phone and tablet revolution: they’re what’s hot, and, just like in the dot-bomb bubble, everything was “on the web”, now everything is supposed to be mobile or in “the cloud”, whether it makes sense or not.

Yes, tablets and phones have their place, and I own both, but they’re not very ergonomic for any kind of extended use if you’re creating content.  Normal, cheap keyboards are crappy enough, but they’re great compared to typing on glass.

I value my long term comfort and health, and I like to create, so ergonomics still matter to me.  I’ve started a major C# programming project; I find having two 24″ monitors really boosts my productivity.  I can’t imagine trying to do this project on a tablet (ugh!) or phone (yuck!!!!).

My Unicomp keyboard is much better than average, but I’ve ordered a mechanical keyboard.  After I’ve used it for a while, I’ll post a review.


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