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Colored Cherry Keys

Blue, White, and Black Cherrys

Blue, White, and Black Cherrys

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning on getting a keyboard with mechanical Cherry keys.  I had a challenge: how to figure out color to get?  For example, the Leopard keyboard is available with Brown, Blue, Black, Red, Clear, or White keys.  (The Cherry color refers to the stem color, as you can see above, which indicates the feel of the key.)

Since I don’t feel like ordering and returning a whole bunch of keyboards, I added the readily available colors to my most recent connector order; Mouser and Digikey sell the individual switches for $1.00-$1.50.

Even without a key cap, I can tell my order of preference:

  1. It’s Blue for me.  I really love the feel of the blue button; it has a great tactile break-over feel, with a satisfying but not too loud click.
  2. The White is OK; it has some break-over, and is quieter than the blue.
  3. I’ll pass on the Black for typing; it has a linear response, and just feels “blah” for typing.

So now I’m comfortable with a choice of Cherry Blues, for less than the cost of returning a keyboard.

Update 7/2/2012: when I wrote this, I couldn’t find the Cherry key switch guide.  Apparently, it’s gone, but has some good info on mechanical keyboards, including the various flavors of Cherry switches.


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