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Retro Parker

Retro Parker

Retro Parker

OK, it’s not some fancy collectable Parker pen – if I ever own a collectible pen it’ll be by accident.  Instead it’s a classic but not too fancy Parker Jotter body with a Retro 1951 refill.

I’ve had this Parker pen for a long time — probably since high school, way back when Parker was actually cool and innovative (OK, I’m dating myself….).  It’s still a nice, classic, functional, but not flashy pen body.

The Retro 1951 refill is actually a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000; Retro 1951 simply had the best deal on Amazon.  I’ve been wanting to try the EasyFlow 9000 for a while, but don’t care for the style or price of the Retro 1951 pens.  Solution?  I tacked on a set of refills to my latest Amazon order.

The EasyFlow is good; it’s much better than a standard ballpoint refill, but won’t make me give up gel pens.  I’d say it’s close to the feel and performance of a Uni Jetstream or Zebra Surari, but not quite as good.  The line is thicker, and based on my initial use, there is more globbing.

However, I’m still happy with the combination; it’s a great pocket pen: rugged metal body with a smooth writing, write-anywhere refill.

7/2/2012 Notes: this classic all-metal Jotter is still sold today, and still looks great.  However, I don’t find the grip comfortable for sustained writing — the  barrel is too small and smooth.


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