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G-Blanc Thoughts

My G-Blanc

My G-Blanc

I’ve been using my G-Blanc frequently, partly out of necessity. The G-Blanc is a Pilot G-2 body (a charcoal G-2 Limited Edition in my case) with a chopped Mont Blanc roller ball refill.

I really like the G-2 Limited Edition body: it’s reasonably priced for a metal pen (~$10), with a comfortable grip, cool colors, and a nice metallic feel. In fact, I’ll probably pick up another in a month or two.

Although I love micro tip gel pens, I’ve come to appreciate a good roller ball refill.  The Fine Mont Blanc refill is not fine by my standards, but it’s fine enough, and does have a great feel – smooth and flowing, but controlled.  I’ve noticed the line width does vary substantially with the paper type; the line is considerably narrower on Rhodia paper.

The Mont Blanc refill does have a big problem: it dries out quickly.  If I don’t use it for a while, it does not write well at well, with very spotty ink flow.  After quite a bit of use, I’ve been able to get it back to good flow — and have been using it often since then so I won’t have to repeat this exercise.

This is a big problem for me, since I like to switch pens around (I’m trying to evaluate all the pens I’ve bought in the last couple of years), and don’t spend most of my time writing.  I think I’ll try taking the refill out and capping it when I don’t plan on using the Mont Blanc refill for a while.

Since a standard 4 3/8″ roller ball fits in the G-2 Limited, I’ve been trying out a fine blue German made bluRAFIA refill (similar to the Schmidt 888) in the G-2.  Compared to the Mont Blanc, it’s a lot cheaper, and a little wetter, with a wider line, and a longer drying time.  It also globs more.  Still, overall the blueRAFIA is good overall.  The Mont Blanc definitely writes better, but especially with the drying problem, I’m not sure I’ll buy another.

Side note: a chopped Mont Blanc refill should fit in many roller pens, basically anywhere a Schmidt 888 fits.

Update 7/2/2012: it’s a lot of fun to play with compatible refills.  I currently have 3 G2 Limiteds (Charcoal, Champagne, and Blue) fitted with bluRAFIA blue fine, Uniball Signo 0.5mm blue gel , and G-2 0.7mm or Mont Blanc refills.  The Signo and bluRAFIA refills fit without any hacking.




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