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Where in the USA is A4 Paper?

I’m writing a technical manual that will be used in countries where A4 paper is the standard, not US letter size.  I want to print at least one copy on A4 paper to see how it all really looks, make sure I can bind it into a book, and such.  So I’ve been trying to find A4 paper at retail.

It’s tough; in some ways the US is very insular.  Unless you’re lucky to live in the right area, you can’t find A4 on the shelf.

The best source is larger Daiso Japan stores.  At least some larger ones have an impressive selection, including very affordable plain white A4 paper ($1.50 for 100 sheets = $7.50 per ream), colored A4 paper, pre-punched A4 paper, heavier A4 paper, and A4 photo paper.  However, some of the smaller stores only carry a small selection, such as the punched and colored papers.  The Daiso stores I looked at carried a decent selection of A4 binders.

The only other source I found is Maido / Kinokuniya stationery, but unfortunately their A4 paper is very pricey.

There is a another good solution: most of the office chain stores (Staples, etc) will have HammerMill A4 paper (ream or case) delivered to the nearest store for free, for under $10.  Online prices, including shipping, are about the same.

Note 11/26/2012: the office store solution (mentioned by Ray) is probably the best.  I was at my favorite Daiso recently, and they had the more exotic A4 papers in stock (photo, colored, magnetic, punched, etc) — but didn’t have any of the affordable copy paper.  Also, the Daiso A4 copy paper is pretty light weight.


1 Don { 05.04.12 at 12:02 pm }

A4 is the way to go. Scaling from one size to the next is easy. I’d forgotten how good it is over 8.5 x 11

2 ray allen { 10.25.12 at 8:07 am }

I’ve been getting A4 paper from Staples.

If I pay for it on-line, they will send it to the closest store without a minimum order or shipping charge.

As with all things in life, please check with Staples to make sure that their policies haven’t changes so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

3 Tony { 10.26.12 at 12:15 pm }

Yes, if you don’t live close to a Daiso store, direct to office store (such as Staples) does seem to be the best way to go.

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