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CANOpen M12 To 2xRJ45 Adapter Board

CO-M12-RJ45 connected to a Festo CPV10-GE-CO-8

CO-M12-RJ45 connected to a Festo CPV10-GE-CO-8

The CO-M12-RJ45 converts a standard CANOpen M12 device connector to 2 RJ45 jacks, with an optional, flexible connection to CAN_V+.

My Trac site has the details, and this post has the background information.

I created this board to make it easy to connect my Festo CPV10-GE-CO-8 and my Norgren VM10  pneumatic manifolds to my RJ45 CANOpen network.  These manifolds use a 5-pin M12 circular plug connector with type-A polarization for the CANOpen connection.  They do not require power on CAN_V+, but I included connections to CAN_V+ in my design in case I need it in the future.

So far I’ve discovered one big issue with the board: the connector is a bulkhead connector.  It needs a panel with the proper sized cut-out to mount the socket’s threaded nut which fits on to M12 plug’s threads.  The picture above shows the missing locking nut on the board while the power cable’s locking nut is clearly visible on the right.

As far as I can tell, all the right angle PCB M12 socket connectors have the same issue.  Right now I’m just letting the M12 socket rest in the M12 plug, but that’s not very secure.  If I need a secure setup, I’ll try to rig up some kind of a hack to hold the nut to the board.


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