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CANOpen Terminal Block Header to 2xRJ45 Adapter Board

CO-HDR-RJ45 Mounted On A Wago 750-337

CO-HDR-RJ45 Mounted On A Wago 750-337

The CO-HDR-RJ45 converts a standard CANOpen 5.08mm terminal block header to 2 RJ45 jacks, with optional, flexible connection to CAN_V+.

My Trac site has the details, and this post has the background information.

I created this board to make it easy to connect my Wago 750-337 and Beckhoff BK5150  CANOpen  K-bus interfaces to my RJ45 CANOpen network.  These interfaces use a 5-pin 5.08 mm terminal block header for the CANOpen connection.  They do not require power on CAN_V+, but I included connections to CAN_V+ in my design in case I need it in the future.

So far I’ve discovered one minor issue with the board: the Phoenix Contact inverted header I used does not perfectly fit the Wago header used by the 750-337.  I had to break off one tab; if you look at the picture above, you can see that the top Phoenix tab does not line up with the cut-out for the top tab.

I typically use Phoenix Contact terminal blocks over Wago because they are much more readily available from my favorite catalog distributors, Mouser and Digikey.

I also have a Wago 750-338 interface which uses a DB9M connector, but based on my eBay monitoring, I’d say the terminal block models, such as the 750-337, are substantially more popular.  If I were buying new, I would use the 750-338 instead of the 750-337 (since I prefer cables over terminal blocks), or more likely the 750-838 (PLC version of the 750-338) since I’ve found that programmable logic + distributed I/O is a great combination.



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