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CANOpen DB9M to 2xRJ45 Adapter

CO-DB9-RJ45-2 Adapter connected to AMC DX15C Drive

CO-DB9-RJ45-2 Adapter connected to an AMC DX15C08 Drive

The CO-DB9-RJ45-2 converts a standard CANOpen DB9M connector to 2 RJ45 jacks, with optional, flexible connection to CAN_V+.

My Trac site has the details, and this post has the background information.

The AMC drive pictured is the reason why this board exists: I have a bunch of DX15C08s and a couple DX60C08’s and wanted to get them running, but they require 9->13VDC on the CAN_V+ line.  So I created this adapter to solve that problem with its CAN_V+ connection, and added the RJ45’s because it’s so much easier than trying to daisy-chain DB9s.  (I did think about staying withDB9s).

The design is called the -2, because I have a CO-DB9-RJ45-1 mostly designed, which uses ultra low profile RJ45 jacks in a DB9/DB25 gender changer backshell with 2.5mm terminal blocks.  The board shape is complicated, and I haven’t had the PCB made yet.

This board shows how it’s hard to get everything right the first time: I put the TB1 terminal block header on the wrong side for the DX15C08 servo drives.  Look at the picture and you can see the HD44 cable is right next to the terminal block.

My solution was to replace the pluggable terminal block with a compatible fixed terminal block that doesn’t extend past the PCB board.  That works, but it’s still a tight squeeze.

The board is shown with my RJ45 terminator, which is pretty slick and affordable (~$2).  I’ll try to document the terminator sometime soon.


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