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XY Table Part 5: Finding Information

I don’t have complete information about any of the motors I selected so this post is about how I search for data.

I normally start by googling around.  In my experience Google returns better results than Bing for technical searches.  I typically start with the manufacturer (Sanyo Denki) or type (“Step-Syn”) and part number, and modify my search approach depending on the results.

If the manufacturer has a good datasheet on their website, googling will typically find it faster than going to their website.  Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not provide datasheets for their older, not in production, products.

I recommend reading up on advanced search techniques.  Here are some I use frequently with Google:

  1. Add filetype:pdf to search only PDFs (since datasheets are often PDFs)
  2. Add site:url to search only within the given URL.  For example, adding returns results only from within the domain.
  3. Use quotation marks to search for a complete phrase.  Searching for Sanyo Denki will return results that have both words in the page (but not necessarily together), but searching for “Sanyo Denki” will only return pages that has the phrase Sanyo Denki.
  4. Use a dash to eliminate search results; for example, adding –eBay will skip results with the word eBay in them.  -eBay is very handy if a whole bunch eBay sellers are cluttering up your results.
  5. There are many more, so try searching for posts about how to search…

I also look at the manufacturer’s web site; occasionally the web site’s search box returns results Google can’t find.  Sometimes you can find data based on the product line, not the specific part number (which may not appear because there are so many variations; the datasheet just lists the possible options).  For example, I received the best results for the Oriental Motor Vexta PH265L-04 by searching their catalog for PH265*.

Let’s look at some searches for the Sanyo Denki 103-771-16:

  1. Searching for Sanyo Denki 103-771-16 currently brings up 8 results, none of which look useful (and 3 refer back to here!).
  2. Searching for Sanyo Denki 103-771 brings up a lot more results, but I didn’t find any useful data.
  3. Now let’s get creative and add the wire colors: Sanyo Denki 103-771 blue red black orange yellow returns interesting looking results.  Unfortunately all of the Sanyo Denki PDFs are for newer motors that are wired differently.

So sometimes even Google can’t find what you want; instead, in the next post, I’ll look at how I determined the Sanyo Denki stepper’s connections.


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