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XY Table Part 4: Stepper Motors

Sanyo Denki Step-Syn 103-771-16

Sanyo Denki Step-Syn 103-771-16

I had planned to use a Sanyo Denki Step-Syn 103-771-16 stepper motor, but since it will not work with my Stepnet, I will be using another motor.  (The Step-Syn is unipolar only and the Stepnet is bipolar only).  For more information on the Step-Syn please go to its Trac page.

Vexta PH265L-04

Oriental Motor Vexta PH265L-04

So right now I’m planning on using an Oriental Motor Vexta PH265L-04 in bipolar mode.  I’ve created a Trac page for it, too.

The Vexta was easy to connect to the Stepnet.  The Vexta really benefits from a higher supply voltage; using a 24VDC power supply, I could only reach around 600 RPM no load, but using my 48V Logosol power supply I could reach over 1200 RPM no load.  OK, that’s not impressive compared to a servo motor (my Emoteq BH023 has reached 20000 RPM), but it’s still a big improvement.

A personal note: since the Christmas season has started, I probably won’t be able to blog as much.


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