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XY Table Part 2: Overall Architecture

What are the major components and how do they fit together?

XY Table Architecture Overview

XY Table Architecture Overview

Let’s start at the top and work our way down:

  1. Motion commands are generated by the joystick; the joystick reports values separately for the X and Y axis.
  2. The PC reads the joystick X and Y values, translates them into velocity commands and sends them out over the USB to CAN interface.
  3. The CANOpen drives receive the motion commands, and send the appropriate voltage and current to the X and Y motors.  (I use the drive to refer to an integrated motion controller and amplifier.  I will be using one servo drive and one stepper drive.)
  4. The motors are connected to XY table ballscrews through a coupling and cause the XY table to move.
  5. Limit sensors on the XY table stop the motors if you try to move too far, preventing damage to the XY table.
  6. The E-Stop switch is there to turn off power to the motors (with no software involved) in cause of an emergency.
  7. The Power Supply drives DC power to the motors through the drives.

So the basic idea isn’t too complicated, but there will be a lot to learn along the way to sucess.


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