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The Connector Addict?

I love the Pen Addict’s slogan: There are worse addictions…..right?

I’m not a connector addict, although I do like trying out new connectors.  Partly it’s because I haven’t found the ideal connector system (or systems; I often want some variety so that the same connector type isn’t used for a variety of incompatible uses, and thus you have to be careful where you plug a connector in).

But I still enjoy receiving the occasional Mouser order with some new connectors.  So along with an order for some MDR connectors for my Copley Accelnets, I included connectors I haven’t tried such as:

  • Kycon USB B high retention force connector.  The big feature: minimum removal force is increased from 10N (standard USB) to 15N.  I like them; USB plugs come out too easily, but this connector makes it a lot harder for a USB cable to become accidentally unplugged.
  • Amphenol USB A locking connector.  The big feature: the connector has a locking tab that grabs onto the little square holes on a USB A-type plug.  That’s even better than the Kycon: it takes over 95N to separate the plug from the jack without unlocking.
  • TE/AMP MTE connector.  Nice, affordable IDC connectors, except you need really expensive tooling to use them easily.
  • Molex Micro-Fit Jr 3.0mm BMI.  I wanted to check out the blind mate version of the Micro-Fit; I’m still not a Micro-Fit fan.
  • Phoenix PST 1.3/8-LV-5.0 header with shroud.  The shroud provides polarization.  The Phoenix PST headers and PT terminal block plugs are a very affordable removable terminal block system.
    • One gotcha: you have to use the shrouded headers with the PT 2.5 series (e.g. PT 2.5/8-PVH-5.0) not the 1.5 series (e.g. PT 1.5/8-PVH-5.0).
  • Phoenix ST-Combi connector and ST-Twin terminal block.  I’m looking at using these for DC power distribution.


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