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Japantown Pens

Recently I visited San Francisco’s Japantown, and couldn’t resist picking up even more Japanese pens…so here’s what I bought along with some brief commentary (pens described in order from left to right).

All of these pens were made in Japan, although some of the Sailor 0.38 pens (in colors I didn’t buy) were made in Thailand.

Pens from Kinokuniya (Maido) Stationery

Pens from Kinokuniya (Maido) Stationery

Pens from Kinokuniya Stationery (operated by Maido Stationery)

  • Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 Light Blue gel pen.  I love my burgandy red Signo DX, so I had to pick up another DX.  This one is also very sweet.
  • Zebra Surari 0.5 Blue emulsion ink pen.  In the past, I haven’t been impressed with Zebra’s pens, but the Surari’s are sweet; I think I like them better than the Uni Jetstream or Pentel Energel.  The 0.5 color range is restricted, but I do like this shade of blue.
  • Zebra Surari 0.7 Purple emulsion ink pen.  Zebra has an interesting range of colors for their 0.7 mm Surari’s, so I went for purple.  I like this pen.
  • Pilot Petit 1 fountain pen.  I’ve been wanting to try a cheap fountain pen, and after extensive testing at Maido, I decided that the Petit 1 is substantially smoother than the Platinum Preppy.  I like the older style better than the new Petit 1.
  • Pilot Petit ink (black and red).
  • Pilot Petit 3 brush pen (solid tip).  I bought this because it’s cheap, cute, refillable, and uses the same refills as the Petit 1.
  • Mitsubishi (Uni-ball) PFK-206 brush pen (solid tip).  It has a fine tip and broad tip.
Pens from Ichiban Kan

Pens from Ichiban Kan

Pens from Ichiban Kan

  • Kuretake brush pen (bristle tip).  I love this playing with this pen, even though I’m not artistic; it’s a steal at $1.75, and I should’ve bought more.
  • Uni-ball PIN 01 pen.  I’m not a big fan of felt tip / marker style pens for writing, but I’m interesting in comparing it to the Sakura Pigma Micron.
  • Uni-ball Noble Metal Gold pen.  I wanted to check out the Sakura Gelly Roll competition.
Pens from Daiso Japan

Pens from Daiso Japan

Pens from Daiso Japan

  • Sailor 0.38 Light Blue gel pen.  It writes well, color is similar to the Signo DX, automatically retracts when put into shirt pocket, but it’s kind of ugly.  Even though I like retractable pens, I think I’d take the Signo DX over this pen.
  • Zebra brush pen (solid tip).


1 Lily { 05.18.11 at 1:13 pm }

Don’t forget! 😉

2 Tony { 05.18.11 at 4:07 pm }

Yeah, I’ll order something I can’t get at retail from Jetpens sometime, maybe soon….but I love being able to try pens and pencils out before buying.

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