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Rhodia Deals at Target

Clearance-priced Rhodia Notebooks

Clearance-priced Rhodia Notebooks

I noticed my local Target started carrying Rhodia notebooks a couple months ago.  They were a little pricey for my budget, so I didn’t get any (I’m not  addicted (at least not yet) to pricey notebooks or fountain pens).

Then they disappeared.  Where did they go?  I saw the solution at another Target: they are now on clearance.  I couldn’t resist the clearance prices ($1.31 for the lined notebook, $2.54 for the Reverse square book),  so I bought a bunch.

I’m not sure why the Targets here (Silicon Valley) are dropping Rhodia.  My impression is that my local Target has reduced the size of the paper (notebook, notepad, etc) section by 50% or more, with a corresponding reduction in selection.

Update: I checked another Target, and they have the same clearance deal.  So if you’re interested in these Rhodia notebooks at firesale prices, check your local Target before they’re gone.


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