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I hope Staple’s G-Tec-C’s are only the start

After watching the PenAddict’s recent Staples buying spree, it was time for me to visit Staples.  My haul was a bit different:

  1. A Pilot G-Tec-C 0.4mm color 5-pack (black, blue, red, green, and purple).  So far I really like these pens.  The black 2-pack was sold out my first visit, but they had a couple on my second visit.
  2. I also noticed some Pilot G2 0.38mm packs, which is good (in the past, I’ve only seen these at OfficeMax).
  3. I couldn’t resist 5 pads of graph paper for $3.  I haven’t used graph paper in ages (since high school, mainly) so I’m going to see how I like it now.
  4. I did get some odds and ends (like a pencil sharpener for $2 for my kids), but nothing else exciting.
  5. I passed on the Sharpies; I’ve got a 3 pack of Sharpie pens, but so far don’t like them enough to buy more.

I’m hoping that more fine-line Japanese gel pens make it to the “standard” US stores — G-Tec-Cs and 0.38mm G2’s are a nice start.

Update Feb 2011: at least one local Target has Rhodia pads (graph and lined).  Rhodia might be great, but I’m not ready yet to spend $10 for a notebook (I guess I like pens much more than I like paper).


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