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Eagle 3D PCBs with Alibre: What’s Left?

I haven’t forgotten about my Eagle 3D PCBs with Alibre series.  There is one big topic left:  putting all the pieces together using Alibre assemblies.  Unfortunately, my experience is that mating parts to create assemblies is often very tricky (especially when you’re using imported parts), and there’s not a lot of resources.

I’ve done a fair amount of research, but it’s hard to give the same kind of step-by-step instructions for mating parts in an assembly that I did for extruding the PCB.

Also, I’ve just re-done my blog PC (a Thinkpad X61t) with a bigger hard drive and Windows 7 64-bit, so that’s sucked up a lot of time recently.   (Side note: there’s not a lot of 64-bit software out there yet.  But so far I’m quite please with the upgrade.  Alibre Design 2011 does have a 64-bit version, but only for Professional and Expert users.)

What I’ll probably do is write an article (hopefully in the next week) with some notes on how I mated everything together.  I’ll post the files in Alibre Design 2011 format so you can see what I did.

Then this series will be complete.  But I do plan on writing about some Alibre tips that are sort-of related to this series.  And I do have a new series planned that’s more automation related.


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