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Why I Don’t Have Any Advertising

It’s not worth it.

Based on my traffic, adding advertising would just about cover my hosting costs, which aren’t a big expense anyway.  But advertising would add a lot of annoying distractions.  The only thing I might eventually add is a referral link for my hosting company, Webfaction, since I’ve been very happy with them.

My big expense is the hardware and software I buy, play with, and then write about here. I’ve spent a lot more on CANOpen servo drives, CAN interfaces, Alibre Design, VX Innovator, connectors, breakout boards, and PCBs than I have spent on hosting.

I have not received any money or gifts for this blog, and will not accept any money.  There are some sample products that I’ve received for free (actually, work related, not blog related freebies) that I will write about, but I will make it clear when the product was a free sample, not something I bought.

One of my biggest costs is the time I spend here: each blog post does take a substantial amount of time to write, typically much more than I expect.  My drafts have an annoying way of expanding.   I don’t plan on taking quitting, but since blogging comes after family and work, at times new posts might take a while to appear.

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