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Eagle PCB has a new owner

Premier Farnell, a major electronics distributor (subsidiaries include Newark and Farnell), has purchased Cadsoft Computer, developer of Eagle PCB.

If you’re interested in the financial details, go to the press release.   Since I use Eagle as my primary PCB design program, I’m interested in what might happen to Eagle.

Companies in another business that buy a company for “synergy” often destroy the business; examples include Exxon buying Zilog.  It looks like Premier Farnell is buying Cadsoft to increase their business, by increasing the integration between Eagle PCB and their distributor companies (e.g. so it’s very easy to specify and order parts from Newark in an Eagle design), similar to what Sunstone, Digikey, and NXP are doing with PCB123.

I am curious to see what changes the new owners will make.  Will they continue to invest in Eagle PCB to make it better?  Will they change the current pricing?


1 Edmund { 09.30.09 at 7:09 pm }

Hi Tony,

just want to add on to your comments on this blog. Personally I have tried using Eagle for my PCB layout and indeed it is a truely simply CAD tools for PCB design. That’s why you have been using for years I pressume. Well, with regards the acqusition of CADsoft by Farnell, thumbs up for me… Reason being is that from Premier Farnell press release, you can see that they are moving areas in helping Electronics Design Engineers by various ways. Recently they have just launched the Element 14 website which is an online community website for electronics designers like myself (Hoobyist). Further more, Premier Farnell has also tied up with Altium and EMA in creating the Design Link which enable designer to link the parts that they used to the stocks which Farnell has globally with Live stock level and Price…cool right ?

Thus, the merger I feel personally will benefit the electronics designers out there since one of the strategies of Premier Farnell is to focus on the fastest customer market segment which is the EDE (Electronics Design Engineers) global market.

All in all, I believe Premier Farnell will enhance the capability of CADsoft.

By the way, you are in which area of design ? (Eg: Power electronics and etc ?)


2 Edmund { 09.30.09 at 10:36 pm }

Hi Tony,

forget to add on Premier Farnell Cool website…


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