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Sometimes aging is good

Me getting old?  Not so good.  Wine getting old?  Very good.

I’ve been enjoying drinking some wine I bought some years ago, back when I visited the Sonoma wine country often.  Then I didn’t drink much wine for 3-4 years.  It’s interesting to taste the difference the years make.

Some say that wines have a peak age — they don’t taste as good before or after that time.  I agree — and I love the taste of properly aged red wines.

So what have I been drinking?

  • 1999 J Fritz Old Vine Zinfandel — an excellent wine even when new (~2001), it’s even better now; smoother, more mellow but still with a strong tannic afterbite.
  • 2001 Beringer Nouveau red table wine — pretty nice now.  Again, it’s mellow and smooth; I suspect it’s at its peak.
  • 1999 Pinot white wine — didn’t age well, I only ended up drinking a bit.  In general, whites don’t age well.

I’m looking forward to tasting how my other wines have aged (such as a Rabbit Ridge Barbera).


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