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Stand Up Desk

Inspired by this post at Evolving Excellence, I decided to try a stand up desk at home.  I can’t afford the fancy $1,000+ motorized desks, so instead I bought an Ikea Fredrik desk and a Summera keyboard shelf at a total cost of $160.

So far I like it, although I’m not sure I would want to stand all day at work.  Ikea specifies a maximum desk height of 38.625″, but I have the desk at the next notch up (about 41″), and it still works.   I do wish the desk was more adjustable — since it isn’t very adjustable, an adjustable height monitor would be a plus.  But so far the current heights seem OK for me (but not so great for my wife, who is significantly shorter).

Also, the desk does wiggle a little bit.   My guess is that some of that is from the carpet, and some of it from the construction (it’s not the world’s most solid desk).  I’ll have to experiment with wedging the feet and such to see if I can make it a little more solid.

Update 2/17/09 — an additional advantage for those of us with small children: little kids find it harder to reach the keyboard and mouse on the stand up desk, which makes using the computer at home much more enjoyable.

Ikea Fredrik Desk used as a stand-up desk

Ikea Fredrik Desk used as a stand-up desk


1 Leslie { 03.07.09 at 2:24 am }

My Dad used to have an old draughtsman’s drawing board in his garage. It was a proper professional one he picked up cheap at an auction. It made a great desk as it had total adjustability. It could be raised / lowered and tilted to any position simply by unlocking a small lever and moving it. Plenty of height for using while sitting or standing and very easy for the next user to adjust and no call for expensive electric actuators. The movement action was very smooth as it had good swivel joints and a big countrer-balance out the back.
Well worth considering as an option, although it might take a little modification to limit the tilt angle …you could loose a pc monitor very easily if you overdid the tilt!

2 sksizer { 01.13.11 at 9:12 pm }

Is there any physical limitation to putting the desk shelf up higher?

3 Tony { 01.15.11 at 5:22 pm }

I took a quick look at my Fredrik desk, and I don’t see anything to stop you. However, the desk might start getting top heavy and unstable. Also, the slots are pretty far apart (somewhere around every 2″, so moving the desktop up one more notch would put it at around 43″).

4 Hacking Together An IKEA Standing Desk » adventures of a blogjunkie { 03.19.11 at 11:11 pm }

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