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Copley CMO and Ixxat VCI Drivers

As I’ve mentioned before, Copley’s CMO is a set of COM objects that provide a higher level interface (than the raw DS402 profile) to Copley’s CANOpen drives.  Right now, I am starting to use CMO since I need to get my Copley drives up and running quickly.

So I installed the latest Ixxat VCI drivers (V3) and then verified my Ixxat USB-to-CAN compact was working by sending and received CAN messages.  I installed CMO 2.5, fired up MS Visual Studio, ran the Copley example, and got this exception:  Access is denied.  (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED).  Hmmm.  I started VB6, ran the VB6 example, and received this error: Permission denied, which looks like another way of saying E_ACCESSDENIED.

I contacted Copley.  The answer: CMO V2.5 only supports Ixxat using the older (VCI V2) drivers.  In the future, CMO will support VCI V3, but not yet.

So then I try installing VCI V2 – and had problems communicating with the Ixxat (error 0x1F hardware error).  I contacted Ixxat, and went through their recommended procedure:

  1. Uninstall VCI V2 drivers, then reboot.
  2. Uninstall VCI V3 drivers, then reboot.
  3. Run Ixxat’s VCI Clean program to clean up any stuff left in the registry and on the computer, then reboot.
  4. Re-install VCI V2 drivers.

Even after that procedure, I still couldn’t get the VCI 2 drivers to work.  I suspect it might be a problem with Windows and my particular USB controllers, but it’s not worth troubleshooting since the Ixxat is working fine with the VCI V2 drivers on a nearby computer.

In the future, I’ll install the VCI V2 drivers first, then VCI V3 (normally you can switch between them).


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