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More on logging onto my secure sites

Note 6/21/2011: since I’ve moved to http (non-secure) a long time ago, this post really isn’t useful any more.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a couple companion sites that use a secure connection (https). But when you go to these sites, you get an error message from the browser. Basically, what is happening is this:

  1. A secure session needs a security certificate.
  2. My sites are using my hosting company’s certificate (located at
  3. But my sites have their own domain (e.g. which does not match the certificate’s domain (e.g.
  4. So the browser displays a message, because if I were running an e-commerce site, you should be concerned (and not do any business with me until the problem is fixed).
  5. But I’m not running a business (and do not want to spend the extra money for a fixed IP address and my own security certificate), so you can trust me and accept the certificate. With Firefox 3, you can add a permanent exception (so the security message only appears the first time), unlike Firefox 2, IE6, and Opera, where the message appears every time you visit.

Here are some pictures of what happens (other browsers should be similar):

Firefox 2

Press the OK button to view my site.

Domain Mismatch - Firefox 2

Internet Explorer 6

Press the Yes button to view my site.

Domain Mismatch - IE6

Firefox 3

You need to add an exception, so start by pressing the Or you can add an exception… link

Domain Mismatch - Firefox 3

which brings up the display below.  Click on the Add Exception button.

Firefox 3

which brings up this dialog.  Press the Get Certificate button.

Firefox 3

Now we’re almost done.  Press the Confirm Security Exception button, and Firefox 3 won’t bother you any more (assuming you have left Permanently store this exception checked).



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