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Posts from — May 2008

All I need is the board

FP-SMC-1 Parts

I have all the parts for the FP-SMC-1 board project except for the PCB. I’ve done a rough hand-sketched schematic; the next step is to create an Eagle PCB library with all the schematic symbols needed.


May 23, 2008   No Comments

Sometimes there is no perfect product

Even for the rich, sometimes a perfect product doesn’t exist. Take double baby strollers. The perfect double baby stroller would be light (<20 lbs), narrow enough to easily navigate normal doors, sidewalks, and store aisles (so the kids can’t grab merchandise), be fairly short, have lots of storage, fold compactly, be durable, and not cost a small fortune.

The reality is that it’s physically impossible to build the perfect stroller, so they all have compromises. Almost all double strollers are over 20 lbs, typically over 25 lbs, which is pretty heavy for many women. I’ve found one light stroller, the Peg Perego Aria, which is very wide and not well regarded.

The MacLaren Twin strollers have a better reputation, but are heavier, and are still very wide – definitely not a good stroller to take on a shopping trip. You can get a narrow, roomy stroller with a Graco Duoglider or similar tandem stroller – and feel like you’re driving a train, especially when putting it away (the heaviest is almost 40 lbs).

Jogging strollers are wide and heavy, and I’m skeptical of how small they fold. If you’re not concerned about cost, Phil & Ted’s sport buggy is narrow and short, because it stacks one kid on top of the other (which I don’t like – the bottom child gets a bad view).

If the older kid likes to stand, the Sit and Stand strollers are a good option – they’re narrow and relatively short, but not so good if both children like to sit.

The best compromise for me? The Austrian-designed Marco Sky L. It looks good, fits perfectly in my car’s trunk, is narrow, is as short as a large single stroller (many people don’t realize it’s a double), attracts attention, and has nice big wheels. At about 26 lbs it’s not light, it’s storage is useless (I hang bags over the handles), is hard to push with one hand, and isn’t officially sold in the U.S. It wouldn’t be good for twins, but it’s still my favorite.

Oh, and if I were a rich man, I could solve the double stroller problem – by hiring a nanny.


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