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Unique Products – Switchable Motor Power Supply

I like to highlight unique products that fulfill real needs. At work, our equipment is used both domestically and internationally, so it’s good to be able to easily switch between 120V 60Hz and 240V 50Hz. We like to use unregulated linear power supplies to power the motors, since they have good response, and are inexpensive.

So I went looking for a unregulated linear power supply with a switch to select either 120V or 240V windings, and found only one company that makes them – Logosol. Logosol’s 250W and 600W power supplies have an input voltage selector switch; both models also have separate motor and I/O power supplies, and the 600W model has an E-STOP input.

It’s possible to add a switch to an existing power supply, but that costs time and money, too, and results in a non-standard piece of equipment.

There don’t seem to be a large number of companies making unregulated linear power supplies – possibly because it’s easy to do yourself (if you can get an appropriate transformer) – I know of automation companies that build their own, but I don’t think it’s worth it at lower volumes, especially if you need certification. AMC and Acopian have wide ranges; others with fewer models include Logosol, Elpac, International Power, and IMS.

Since I’m writing about unique motor power supplies, IMS gets special mention – as far as I know, they are the only company to make a switch mode power supply specifically designed to power motors.  Unfortunately, they are single input voltage (120VAC or 240VAC).

Comments 4/20/2011: Copley Controls also sells switch selectable 120/240V linear motor power supplies, but I think Logosol’s are a better choice.

IMS (now part of Schneider) has dropped their switch mode power supplies (SMPS).

Carbur (sold by ASI in the US) does have some interesting SMPS for motors; see my blog post for more.



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