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Making an Interface PCB II – Parts and Resources

Updated 1/23/2008 with AMP socket connector part numbers (which some people find easier to hand assemble than 3M, but they are more expensive), and a bit more on MCAD.

Update 4/6/2011: Alibre Design Express hasn’t been available for years, and since Alibre Design Personal Edition isn’t suitable for PCB modeling, your low cost (<$500) MCAD options are limited.  Check out my Affordable MCAD post for some current choices that might work (depending on your needs).

A list of the parts and resources needed for the FP-SMC-1 Interface PCB. The Phoenix parts are available from a number of sources, including Digikey, but Mouser (who I will use) and Online Components sell them in small quantities.


  1. Eagle PCB. I’ll be using the Light version (free for non-commercial, $49 for commercial).
  2. Viewmate from PentaLogix, which is a free Gerber viewer.
  3. Alibre Design Xpress which will help check the mechanical side of the PCB (free). If time allows, I’ll cover other options for checking the mechanical fit of the PCB.

Board Houses:

  1. Sierra Proto Express
  2. Possibly SparkFun/BatchPCB (can be cheaper for 1 PCB)

Bill of Material for circuit board (excluding PCB):

  1. 4 Pin Header 10 pin (2×5) AMP 5102321-1
  2. 1 Pin Header 26 pin (2×13) AMP 5102321-6
  3. 15 Phoenix ZFK3DS 1,5-5,08 Terminal Block (Part Number 1704415)
  4. 1 Phoenix ZFK3DSA 1,5-6,08 (click on Additional Products) End Terminal Block (Part Number 1704554)
  5. 3 Phoenix ZFKDS 1,5-W-5,08 Terminal Block (Part Number 1706714)
  6. 1 Phoenix ZFKDSA 1,5-W-7,62 (click on Additional Products) End Terminal Block (Part Number 1706730)
  7. 2 Phoenix UMK-FE DIN rail feet (Part Number 2970031)
  8. 2 Phoenix UMK-SE 11,25 side elements (Part Number 2970002)
  9. 2 Phoenix UMK-BE 45 base (Part Number 2970015)

Bill of Material for cables:

  1. 8 IDC Socket Connectors 10 pin (2×5) 3M 89110-0101 or AMP 1658621-1
  2. 8 Strain Reliefs 3M 3448-89110 or AMP 499252-5
  3. 2 IDC Socket Connectors 26 pin (2×13) 3M 89126-0101 or AMP 1658621-6
  4. 2 Strain Reliefs 3M 3448-89126 or AMP 499252-3
  5. Ribbon cable 26 conductor AWG 26/28 0.050″ pitch (available from 3M and others, length depending on your need)
  6. Ribbon cable 10 conductor AWG 26/28 (available from 3M and others, length depending on your need)


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