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Kudos to Panasonic

Update 5/14/2008 – Bad Panasonic! It looks like they’ve removed the list prices.  You can still get online pricing (from OnlineComponents and Allied Electronics), but it’s still stupid to remove the price list.  It was handy as a quick guide to what’s available and what it roughly costs (online searches aren’t as convenient).  By the way, local distributor pricing is often better than national catalog pricing.

I was looking at Panasonic Electric Works America’s website recently, and noticed that they now have links for suggested list price for most of their products; for example, FP Sigma PLC pricing. Note that actual prices through a distributor will typical be at least 10-20% less.

I like to have list prices, because I need to have an idea of what stuff will cost. I’m not concerned about every dollar, but it makes a big difference if a PLC is $500 or $3,000.



1 Benson { 11.09.07 at 4:44 pm }

Opto also publishes all pricing on their website. And the software is included with the hardware.

Nice blog. I’m subscribing and looking forward to more of your insight about our small but diverse industry we call industrial automation.

Regards, -BH

2 admin { 11.13.07 at 12:52 pm }

Including software with the hardware is smart – then you don’t have to worry about software piracy.

Another plus for Opto 22 – they’re carried by Allied Electronics, which is nice since you get real time pricing and availability from a major distributor.

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